Monday, January 23, 2006

Migraines on your day off really screw up your day! Dog got sick last night, threw up and needed to go out constantly from 10 last night, till around 3. Wind change and high winds, as well as no sleep = migraine. So just sat around, waiting for meds to work, but got some calls made and took care of a few other things. BUT, not the outside plans I had wanted to do.

Yesterday was GREAT! went to lunch with a friend and shopped (Catherine, I did some for the princess!) sales were fantastic. But it was just so great to chat and be with a friend, who I used to work with and is just a gas! Went to Office Max too, for the office and a couple of fun things for us.

Husband called, they had an awards/promotion ceremony. One of his guys got promoted, and then everyone got to go celebrate. He sounded better, tired but resigned to the fact we can't go see the baby this time. We had planned to stay in Europe for his mid tour leave, but that might change, Denver is a thought and maybe plan some trips out west.

Called the electric company, the wood burner is now dead, and they removed the "Dual Fuel" monitor, so the bill will go up. But I just couldn't keep up with putting water in the thing every three days as well as feeding it with wood every day.

I may have a lead on a new job... this new one is just NOT what I was told it was going to be, and I really don't appreciate the switch, and making less than 1/2 of what I usually do. Hell, I would get more on unemployment! And some of the personality problems I can already see, aren't going to get any better. We'll see. Some good news, a friend's husband didn't lose his job to Ford's cuts. I am sure she is very relieved I'll see her tomorrow. A neighbour has quit smoking, 5 days without a cigarette. That takes a LOT of work!!!! Did that, a long time ago, but remember how hard it was. Son quit too, before baby was born. I am so proud of him!

Well, tomorrow must be better! Talk to you later.

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