Sunday, March 09, 2008

Baby shower, daylight savings and other twaddle

Sheesh... been awhile since I posted! No excuses, just busy. and sometimes, just too much to say.

Had a nice little baby shower for WifeUnit, her friend "Aunty Jenn" and the cutest little bundle boy. unfortunately, due to deployment leaving/coming home and illness, as well as some other stuff, we didn't have a big crowd. But fun was had anyway. How much the guest of honour enjoyed himself, I'll leave up to his mommy. I sure enjoyed having him here. But I don't think the cat really figured out what that was, made funny little noises and everyone cooed it it... hmmmm

I'm hearing from the kid, who has to go to work at some unholy hour of 2 am... that daylight savings time is kicking his butt. DH got up to run an 8K race this morning... but it hasn't hit me yet, since I woke up at... well... let's see, OLD time it was 3:30... NEW time 4:30. Whichever, it was waaay too damned early. Ah well. I'll sleep great tonight, after cookie baking with the FRG later.

Elections - I'm mortified by the Dems, absolutely detesting all of them right now, why DO we have to act this way. All we are doing, is giving fodder to the Repubs. STOP IT NOW!! we have BIG problems here, we need serious answers, from serious people. Oh... I miss Bill Richardson!

more later... about the Parent's Page we are trying to start.



Sarah said...

Heather told me about the shower; glad to hear it went well, even if it was an intimate little group. Pass on my regards to WifeUnit!

Green said...

I've been unplugged for a while too, don't feel bad.