Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The drivel that Anonymous posted

THIS is the blather that I didn't allow to post earlier. This is what "anonymous" posted. See... I don't usually like to allow jackass dimwit stupid fools...

Let me see. You say you're a liberal Army wife. Impossible. If your husband serves Honorably, he would be smart enough to not marry lib trash. You're a democrat so that makes you lazy, useless, reliant on others for a handout. You support the idiots who got our country nuked, the ones who are going to ruin this country, the ones who are rewriting the Constitution. This country needs Flag flying Americans. Not Flag burning Osamacrats. This country needs honorable people, not cowards like the Bin Rotten Shitons or Osama Bin Kerry. Yes I am in the Military, serving honorably and keeping our country from getting blown up again. Because Liberals despise America, there is no possible way those cowards could serve a day in the Military at all. Libs need to be spit on like Kerry, Hillary, and Osama do to us.

We need to support our troops in the best possible way. That's why the Libtard Terrorist Organizations need to keep Socialist Hitlery Rotten and Raghead Barack Osama away from the White House. We dont need another 9/11. After all, real Americans would never vote Democrat or let Libtrash destroy the free world.

Ok - now then... have at it, folks. This sort of twaddle is just NOT conducive to civil discourse. ooops, to this twerp, I'm sure that sentence is not understandable. hmmm.



kimba said...

Dear LAW:

Um, wow. What a moron.

Does s/he know the meaning of the word "nuked"? And how does this have anything to do with your husband? And where can I get my free handouts? ;-)

Hitlery? Raghead? I'm sure the Republicans are proud to have this genius on their team. They court this type of imbecile with their constant scaremongering and "war on terror" nonsense, so this simpleton's rhetoric isn't even original, sadly.

Don't let it get you down.

Your libTrash, lazy, useless, bad navy wife friend,


Sis B said...

LAW, only commie liberals have "civil discourse." That is NOT a republican OR American value.



And dangit, I want my Guvment Cheese!

Dizzy Dezzi said...

I'm a frequent reader/infrequent commentor, but I wanted to chime in here.

First of all, "anonymous" probably should start with getting his facts straight.

Plus, it is obvious with the flurry of name-calling and insult-dropping that s/he is in no way interested in civil discourse.

The aforementioned post is so ludicrous that there is no need to respond because there is no way to respond, coherently, to #@!$ing drivel.

Thanks for letting me chime in.

Sister Traitor Army Wife.

Susan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Susan said...

Wow, I don't even know what to say. The stupidity of some people just amazes me.

Nomad Librarian said...

Wow, that's... ignorance, on sale today! Unfortunately, it is not a one day special.

Honestly though, having some family members who go in for this kind of "debate", I figure anonymous is more interested in intimidation than in discourse.

It's people like this who give the Armed Forces a bad name. Why so many liberals who have no contact with the military think all soldiers are giggling semi-psychotics who go around carving notches in gun-handles.

Bette said...

Liberals are the cowards, yet your commenter couldn't gather the courage to sign his or her name. Then again, if I wrote something like that, I'd be ashamed too.

What a disgrace to the uniform -- that is, if this person is actually in the military. I don't know any soldier this ignorant.

(army)Wife said...

I would love to comment to this "Upstanding Republican Real American Servicemember" but I really have no idea what he/she said. The one thing I can infer from this though is that he/she is a Republican and therefore, industrious, productive, and obviously provides the handouts. I would suggest he/she use these wonderful qualities for something more productive than incoherently bashing someone. I'm guessing Anon. also believes that he/she is also much smarter that those "Libtards" which is quite obvious by his/her clever play on several names. (Rolling my eyes.) Oh and PS Anon: I don't think you're in the military at all, otherwise you would know that soldiers are both Republican and Democrat and so you would have just stepped on several of your comrades toes. And you never know, he could be the one that you need to save your ass, so I would watch who you piss off.

Ann M. said...

I don't see how people make this weird correlation between democrats and evil troop-haters who want to hand the keys to this country over to terrorists. It's sad. I'd love to have a conversation with these people to figure out their thought process, but what anonymous posted is the only kind of drivel you can get out of them.

I think some people are more susceptible to rhetoric and fancy graphics on the news... I always thought the point of this country was to be able to think what I want about things, serve my country to help defend that right, and decide on my own who I want to vote for based on which candidate best represents my opinions. Oh well. Guess I missed a memo somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Law, I found your blog by way of Spousebuzz awhile back. First time posting here.

I have to say that I tend to lean towards the right so we probably have some different political views on things but I would never lay out some crazy, rambling, close-minded garbage (like "Anonymous" has) on you or anyone else just because they believe something different, political or otherwise.

I'm all for someone standing up for what they belief but damn, if they're going to argue their point of view bring it with reasonable facts and a respectful argument. Leave the petty name-calling temper tantrums on the playground. It's pretty sad there are people that extreme in each party that resort to the $#!% slinging tactic.

And where in the world does it say if you're military you have to be conservative/Republican? I must have missed that Op Order...last I checked we're in America and are FREE to choose what we believe so who the heck is anyone to judge another's choice? Isn't that freedom something that the military stands and fights for? By making a choice, whether it's Democrat Republican or something else, we honor those that serve by taking advantage of the freedoms they have sacrificied so much for.

gordon said...

Someone correct me if I am wrong but, was'nt it the republicans in office now who suspended the right to habeas corpus and the right to have an attorney for the prisoners.That sounds like rewriting the constution.

Christine said...

That's insane. I only got through about half. Not worth the time to read.

Sarah said...

I'm a Republican, and that comment makes me cringe. And then laugh. And then furrow my brow. When did our country get nuked? I haven't watched the news this weekend, so maybe I missed something :)

LAW, I'm sure we disagree on many things, but there will be no spitting or name-calling coming from my direction, that's for sure.

Jan Wesner said...

Anonymous, Our husbands, sons, daughters and parents have fought to defend your right to free speech.
You're welcome.

Kim said...

well said jan, well said.

Anonymous said...

I do not define myself as a liberal. Far from it. But I do not support our war, thought Ron Paul would be awesome, and wish that our government (BOTH DEMS AND REPS) would pay attention to what they are supposed to be doing... Upholding the Constitution!!!

Wow, that person really showed their intelligence in their comment. How ignorant can one get?

I am an Army wife. I support OUR TROOPS. Doesn't mean I have to go along with the Bush Administration in saying that this war is right or good!

Good for you for deleting them!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to throw you my support as a fellow liberal Army wife. I recently had a run in with the wives in DH's unit who invited me out for coffee and then proceeded to attack me with basically the same rant. This is a new duty station for us, so it's pretty lonely and that really hurt.
I can smile at their ignorance, though.
Your site has actually made me feel a little less alone, especially with all the support you seem to get.

Fellow PROUD LIBERAL army wife.

Catharine said...

Well, really, what is there to say, but... this is PRECISELY the reason we must forbid first cousins from marrying and having children.

Look, this is what I see here. People like this have always existed -- bitter, angry, hateful people whose tiny, bedraggled little lives seemed meaningless and worthless until they found something to hold onto. This person found that wee small part of the angry, terrified little child inside whose uncle or father or brother or camp counselor touched them in "the bad place."

Now, they're lashing out at anyone they can, because they're still frightened little kids inside. Best of luck to Anonymous -- for that is what Anonymous will always, always be. Nameless. Faceless. Spiritless. Just a flaming ball of rage and hate and spew, due to fan out from self-generated heat, or sputter and die at the first sign of a cleansing Spring rain.

Now, as for YOU, Missy. Get on back to that lazy, useless, Osama-bin-Laden-luvin' lifestyle you lead with such reckless abandon! (And don't be such a stranger -- I miss you at the Chron!)


Rookie Army Wife said...

Dear LAW,

I am doing ok...just getting over a flu issue so I haven't felt much like blogging. I'll be back to it soon. But thank you for checking on me!!!!

mismysailor said...

I know I'm a little late reading this buy WOW...I mean that's all I can say is WOW! I agree with whoever says he's not in the military. Only someone outside the service would think it was ok to bash someone who uses the free speech they are fighting for us to have!