Saturday, February 10, 2007

Still cold

yeah, still colder than hell. yikes. even the dog is getting crabby about it.... doing the little frosty paws dance. course, since she decided to eat part of her bed again last night (no, I don't know why she does that!) she's needing to go out alot.. sorry more information than you need.

went to lunch with a very cool lady, who understands! A lot. She's another "old warhorse" (Sorry, LA, we ARE!!) been around the army since forever. and none of this put the flag pole up your arse, and drink the koolaid, follow the caissons crapola. Felt great... but the waitress was starting to wonder about us... loooooooong lunch!

A family member of my dear neighbour had a bad accident, so keep a good thought for him, ok? and another dear friend has a new broadband set up, so she's gonna be burning up the Net! AND even better, an old old friend of ours is out of Afghanistan!!!!! yay. He should be home in the next couple of days. I'm soooooo happy for him, and his family must be absolutely over the moon.

Don't want to write about anything negative today. so..... that's about it.

OH, go here... let me know how you feel about it!

stay warm.



Lemon Stand said...

I may get lynched for saying this but as bad as I feel for those who have gotten their duty extended, I have to say that when a service member signs on the dotted line to defend his country and serve the country's interests, this doesn't mean they serve only in assignments that are clearly defined with an end date. You go where you are needed and you stay until you are replaced or are no longer needed in that capacity. The reality of that sucks but freedom is not free. Neither is the luxury of security at home.

By toppling Saddam's government we have created a political void that WILL be over run with our enemies if we do not provide the structure for Iraq to defend itself from within. Whether you believe this move was right or wrong can be debated until the cows to come home. The reality is that it has already been done and we can't go back. Only forward. Those who want us to just pull out right now need to think about where that leaves us in 5 or 10 years when some very angry arabs bring this war back to our own doorsteps again.

I DO NOT agree with how they handled this in the fact that the families and news found out about it before the service members. It is very hard to follow orders from someone who does not have the guts to tell you up front what needs to be done. By not telling these guys what is going on, they left them to be abushed by anguished family and friends.

It was the job of the commanders to come to his troops IN PERSON and flat out tell them that the news is not good but we are staying to get the job done and that it is important now more than ever to watch out for each other. Support each other and let your family and friends know that YES, this sucks, but it is important and we WILL get through it together. In other words, they needed positive, strong support and leadership from within.

I don't know where the breakdown happened but I would sure as hell write some letters to make sure it didn't happen again.

As a longtime military member and spouse I can tell you that the families and friends of service members don't sign on the dotted line. Many times they are left to flap in the breeze and struggle to get by.

ESPECIALLY the Guard and Reserve because the families do not have the same knowledge of military command structure, are not usually in physical vicinity to the base and do not have the connections to know WHO to ask about various concerns as active duty families. I can't tell you how important I think SpouseBuzz is. The vast amount of experience that is being tapped into to help family and friends cope and UNDERSTAND and find answers or at the very least options and support is enormous.

This turned into a long and rambling display of my OPINIONS. Feel free to delete this post LAW. I know this was probably the wrong venue for it.

Christie said...

I hate the cold!!!!

Cheeky said...

I am about sick and tired of this freakin cold....sick and tired I tell ya.....

Anonymous said...

That was a great article. Fairly balanced, but I suspect I know where the author's feelings lie...

If this war is so important, let's spread the burden around. It's just not ok to ask such a small number of families to do all of this. (Or rather, tell those families). Two years is too long for anyone.

liberal army wife said...

As I told Lemon on her own blog, I don't delete comments, except spammers who are dreck anyway and deserve it. I may not agree with everything she said, but I respect her opinion. See, she's been there. Done that and has waaaay too many shirts and hats and buttons and all that stuff.

So feel free to disagree, that's called DEBATE and discussion (the Senate is scared of it... but it's not that scarey!)


Catharine said...

My opinion? Oh, L.A.W., I think you know what I think. I'm just left to hope and pray your oneandonly makes it home and safe and sound when this all comes out in the wash, in the very near future.

I have lost the faith I had in November when we took back the Congress -- we're as waffly and indecisive as we've ever been, talking about withholding funding (when has a funded military ever stopped Bush from deploying troops, I ask you?), and "non-binding resolutions."

Here's a non-binding resolution -- why don't we make George W. Bush the lamest duck in history of lame duck presidents, and just ignore everything he says? OOO! I know... everytime he talks, why don't we do what we did in junior high school, and not look at him and just say back and forth, "Does somebody hear a buzzing noise? I keep hearing this annoying buzzing noise."

Too childish?