Saturday, February 17, 2007

Various and Sundry Blatherings

Yahoo! I woke up and it was over 5 degrees (and that was above zero). After the last few weeks of below zero every night and barely above during the day, this is wonderful. I keep thinking, this will make moving away much easier. But watching the poor dog doing the frosty paws dance is rather fun.

Let's see. what else. Oh yes, going to buy an elliptical this weekend. Not one of those cheapo's either. I tried belonging to the Y downtown. but not exactly a wonderful experience, the classes were ok, but when I got used to one teacher, they replaced her with a terrible one, the music was horrible... then waiting in line for machines, took up alot of my lunch hour (and a half) showering in the large shower rooms.. no I didn't like that either. I was rushed the entire time, and then I had to make up the time at work. In the summer that wasn't so bad, but when the sun isn't up until after seven am, and goes down around 4 pm. I ended up feeling like a mole! So after consulting with the DH, doing a lot of research, (yay, consumer reports!!) I made the choice. Now it's just a matter of gritting my teeth, writing the cheque and getting it delivered. I really hate spending that much!

Today is massage day! yay! my massage therapist's kids play hockey, and every other weekend is hers to go from hockey game to hockey game. but the other weekend I get to go and have her work out the knots.

Good grief, this is a very ME ME ME post, isn't it?

DH is fine, thank you. very busy. Son emailed, told me grand daughter (the most perfect baby in the universe) loves spaghetti, or at least makes a lot of mess out of it! they seem to be fine, busy as is usual for a young working couple with a baby. Wish I could see her a lot more, but that's just not possible right now. maybe this summer.

a little political blather as well... I posted something on a blog that I had left. They had asked me not to leave, lots of Oh, we need your point of view,etc.... So I posted, about a Guardsman who was being buried the next week. Two comments... two. Now they know why I don't post there anymore. Bringing real life into the mix scares them spitless. When one debates escoteric matters, without getting ones hands dirty (metaphorically) they are just fine. But let it be real life.... oh no... too real. They live in their own little world and heaven forbid reality intrude! my my my. as someone near and dear said "just a buncha REMFs"

so... end the MEME post. Political one next, probably. but that will be a rant!

have a wonderful weekend. stay dry, warm, and safe



Susan said...

Love the elliptical! Wish we had the room for one. Remember, your blog, you can talk about whatever you want! That's what it's for, sweetie.

Christie said...

it's good to have a me me me post every now and then

Of course all of mine are... lmao :)

Glad the hubby is doing well :)

Sis B said...

Just wanted to let you know I had my own political rant today, and I referenced the link to the news article you put below.

Hope you are staying warm!

Cheeky said...

Moving? Did I miss something? You get to escape from MN? OH if you do I am SO.VERY.JEALOUS

The whole not moving thing was my slap in the face from reality this weekend

Laura said...

There's nothing wrong with focusing on yourself sometimes. BTW, what is a REMF?

Laura said...

I'm glad to hear that hubby is safe as well.