Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy V Day

Happy Valentine's Day! to those whose sweetheart is deployed.... to those who are sitting alone, watching tv.. and who are so glad this "holiday" is over. One more cutesy commercial of two lovers cuddling up while a little stuffed animal babbles, I think I'll snap. but it was funny watching the frantic grabs at the waaaay overpriced flowers at the little florist shops in the skyway today.. the little sweet shop (that carried chocolate thongs!!) was so full they were spilling out the door.. the card store was jammed. I got roses from DH at work, brought most of them home, but left two in a bud vase at work. And it's still cold! someone said it's lucky we don't have any snow, although quite honestly, I could use a snow day! a good excuse not to go to work.

So for those of you who have your honey around, cuddle up and stay warm.


Christie said...

happy, belated, valentines! :)

oh, and btw- the military spouse forum I was on was

Lemon Stand said...

After yesterday, I think I will always associate Valentine's Day and snowballs. :D Sounds like you had a nice one too!