Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cold! Cold! Oh it's colder than ....... that too!

Yes, my dear friends. -27 yesterday morning, with the windchill, -40 something. It was brutal, and nasty and miserable. Why am I here!

This past weekend has been mizzable. Dog got sick, coughing gagging... keeping me up all night. No sleep, means migraine. The only good thing... the massage. My massage therapist has an electric blanket under the sheet on top of the very soft mattress... sigh. What a lovely way to get warm.

A bunch of us on SpouseBuzz were discussing the fact that everytime you PCS (move in civilian speak "Permanent Change of Station) you lose the hairdresser/cutter that you finally found that did a great job. For me, we'll have to add my Massage Therapist. She is wonderful. great hands, she can really get deep or be very gentle, relax or charge up. DH found her, and misses her in the Sand.

Otherwise. still no orders, of course. next......

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Cheeky said...

I am soooo sick and tired of this cold - it is driving me nuts. I am still in search of a good massage therapist...I will let you know if I find one. I think I have a good hair dresser but she is up in Elk River - probably too far for you to drive.....

I know how you feel about moving....I could go on and on...but I don't wanna get all depressed...LOL