Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Miz Ann has company

Molly Ivins, one of those amazing writers who could make me cry and laugh hysterically at the same time, died today. No one I know could skewer our political world quite as well, with wonderful little "texass-isms" and when she and Gov Ann Richards got together on stage, it was a laugh riot, that still made you think. How sad that both are gone, but I betcha the party is in full swing wherever they are (Valhalla? Paradise??) My grandmother always said she didn't want to go to heaven, her entire bridge club was surely going to hell since they cheated, and she didn't want to be bored.

We rattled a few cages about orders (see another post below) and we finally finally got an answer. AT LEAST 30 days. this is going to hurt a lot of people. but hey, why bother themselves about us. we are just the little yutzes, the families that the DoD really would rather not have to deal with (the old adage, "if we wanted you to have a wife, soldier, we would have issued you one" is still the mind set!) Our State command is promising to get it all done as fast as they can. but... we've been in this position before. Went 7 weeks without pay once. So I'll believe it when I see it. one good thing, finally found out who my rear det person is. The one at our old company, still hasn't responded to requests for information, but then she doesn't like families either. My new one, as soon as he got the email, was right there, answering me.

the temp is about to hit bottom. the high on Friday is supposed to be -1.... Saturday even lower. and that's without windchill! So, I think I'll just stay in (except for my massage, it would have to rain snakes for me to miss that!) but otherwise, I'll stay in, keep the woodstove roaring and maybe get more baking done.

so, friends and neighbours, remember Molly with a smile, think of the troops overseas and their families at home, and stay warm!!


liberal army wife said...

testing for comments.

Laura said...

With as much trouble as they are putting the troops and their families through with this so-called "surge" you would think they would at least try to make this part easier.

I hope you get the orders soon.