Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lack of respect from the cold hearted bastards

The extension is beginning to sink in. This has sucked massively. The dear Pentagon decided to "leak" the news, before letting our command structure know, including the General or the Governor! The families weren't notified by command, (since they didn't know) and we found out by listening to the radio, watching TV, the internet.... Me, I was driving home, almost put the car in a ditch! screamed, cried, cursed all the way home. Then watched that insane, delusional, head up his butt speech that Shrub gave. AND then he decided to tie 9/11 and Iraq together again.... stupid little man. After that, DH got online. We were IMing, with our web cams going.... and I realized he didn't know!!!! Thaaaats right folks... the troops weren't told by their command (since, once again, the command structure didn't know, and it was midnight their time) most of them found out from their family's emails and phone calls. So there I sat... saying things like .... check the news.... you were right.... trying NOT to say, you got extended... He read it on the internet, from the AP. Don't you think it should have been done in a much more professional manner? Don't you think the Pentagon should have done this in a proper military chain of command?

Somehow this made it all worse... the lack of respect that we were treated with, the lack of respect that the troops and our command structure were treated with... After all these years of being an Army Wife, you would have thought that I would be used to it. But I'm not. Just offended, angered and hurt.



A Mother's Intuition said...

Liberal Army Wife -
Both my husband and I were in the military, also. Air Force. Both your husband and yourself, as well as the other men and women in uniform and their families deserve so much respect. We owe our freedom to them. Please thank your husband from our family. Thank you for being there and sharing your stories with us. God Bless America!!

Susan said...

That right there is insane. I'm sorry. Want for me to start kicking some shins for you?

liberal army wife said...

go for it. I'll hold 'em, you kick!

Thanks for understanding.


Susan said...

Oh hon, anytime! Come over to the forum and complain about it if it helps!

Cheeky said...

They weren't even told first?!? THAT is soooo totally wrong.

Annie said...

I'm so sorry, LAW. Even though it's not my husband (he hasn't been extended *yet*), I felt like throwing up when I heard. And what a disrespectful way to spread the word. I know it doesn't help much, but your local Military Families Speak Out chapter is thinking of you and yours, and doing what we can.

My only hope is that this will get people so angry they actually do something. Even Coleman is wavering now.

Anonymous said...

My husband has been extended from NE nat. guard. For 4 days they never officially told them. They just didn't say anything. My husband and all the guys had their hopes up like some miracle was going to happen and they were still going home in March. Now they are just starting to deal with it.

liberal army wife said...

E. If you need to talk, let me know. We'll get through this, but it's gonna take all of us holding each other up. I heard from one of the guys I bake for, that they hadn't been told officially either. This is a disgrace, but understand it's not your local NG senior command, it's the Pentagon... it's this administration. They just couldn't care about US, the little people.