Sunday, January 21, 2007

ok, so now what?

That was the question I heard a lot yesterday at a seminar I attended. It was supposed to be about reunion. But a lot of time was spent on extension. Many of us have questions, like where are the damned orders? Without orders, you can't do anything! For the civilians amongst you, Orders are something akin to the Grail. We need them to get new ID cards, to send to the student loan people to continue the deferment, to send to credit card companies, to the mortgage company and rental companies. Basically, we aren't "officially" extended until we get those.. Last time I asked (this morning) DH told me they hadn't been issued yet. Now c'mon, all they have to do is change a couple of dates in the computer... sheeeeeesh.

The seminar was run by Karen Pavlicin. For those deployed, for those about to be, and for those who may be, her books are great, lots of ideas, for people with and without kids. Lists too, for those like me who like having a list to check off.....

It's snowing.. and it's quiet, that quiet when it's snowing, everything is hiding and everyone is off the roads (it's sunday morning, so either they are in church, or sleeping, or having breakfast) I should be cleaning or baking, or something.

Time to get on with "the next chapter" as Karen called it.



Susan said...

Good luck getting those orders. I love how slow the Army moves.

Catharine said...

If I ever see any of those losers in a dark alley, I promise to just haul off and kick 'em in the shins. Hard.* Secret service be darned.

I promise.


*Hey, it kept the little boys in line in the fourth grade. And nothing else has worked so far. I'd hate to have to resort to an Indian burn.

Jacintha said...

This is my first deployment and the single most hated and despised quote i have hear so far is:"hurry up and wait" im so tired of it i could scream some times!