Tuesday, January 02, 2007

R&R was great, but too short

Two weeks flew by. Absolutely FLEW by. From the beginning: DH arrived in the middle of the day, very very tired after all that flying from the litterbox. We were very lucky that he didn't have to sit in Kuwait for a long time, as did a friend of ours. The next day, even though I was expecting him to want to just sit and rest, we did shopping! Toys R Us... noisy toys, he was trying everything and only noisy ( and educational) got picked. The big Denver Storm #1 was going on, so when we went to pick up the car at the rental agency, we were happy to get a 4WD. Jeep Liberty, ok, but can anyone tell me WHY they only have one cup holder up front? Left for Denver, stopped at a great B&B in Lincoln NE, and were told the road from North Platte was closed. the next morning, it was "open"... glad we had the 4WD.

Then Granpa got to see his granddaughter for the first time. and they had a great time together... their own language even... and the noisy toys were a great success. the hotel we stayed at was lovely but was a businessman's hotel, so breakfast and internet weren't free, but the rate was super since they were empty for the holiday, and after everyone was able to get out of Denver finally! the roads were ok, but the side streets were lousy. We got to take her outside to see snow... NOT impressed at all. Lasagna eating was a lot more fun, messy but fun. Leaving was difficult, we hated saying goodbye to myrtle turtle, but there was another storm heading in.

Driving back.. the smell of Kansas and Nebraska and parts of Iowa... cow, lots of cow! peeeeeehew. then we spent the last few days of leave doing not much of anything. Baked a little, cooked a lot, he cut a bunch of wood for the burner. We spent time, just talking. and the dog enjoyed herself, the cat deigned to allow him to pet him...

And I took him to the airport this morning. The crappy part of leave, the part that hurts. another three months, so they say. I'll believe it when I see him step off the bus. Those of you who have been through this, you know how I feel right now. It was wonderful to see him, talk to him, touch him, but now it's almost worse than before!

So, back to the long wait, the alone.



Susan said...

Oh hon, it gets better. As for the one cupholder, don't you know that the bigger the vehicle, the fewer people allowed in it? Big 4WDs are for one person! LOL Glad you had a good time.

Christie said...

tell me about it.... who knew 2 weeks could go by in the blink of an eye?

RedLegMeg said...

Ohhh, the smell of cows in Iowa. I don't really care for it either, but that first whiff is actually kind of refreshing. I know I'm back in the midwest and HOME! Don't knock it... ;)

Glad you enjoyed your time with your DH and he was able to spend time with his precious granddaughter.

Catharine said...

You know I was in love with a military guy (Air Force). We thought for a while, he and I, that he might retire. But when it became clear that he never would -- this has always been his life and always will, I think -- I knew we couldn't be together. I would have been a lousy military wife, and this is why.

We said good-bye, as in love as ever, but knowing that our lives would never mesh. It hurt. But then it stopped, and only the happy memories remained. I could never say "good-bye" over and over like this. You are a stronger, better woman than I. So is the woman who's married to my love now, bless her.

I admire your fortitude, and I hold DH in my thoughts and best wishes.