Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Nothing specific, really

From The Chief.... A little humour from the troops!

Anyway... it's been a long few days.. at work the boss, bless his little heart has gotten a few more bees in his bonnet, which results in a lot of research and running around. But today he actually took my advice about a case. Nice to know that he respects my opinion.

Right now, I am paring down my life a bit. I have decided not to comment on another site I was often on, they upset me too much, and my mental equilibrium is rocky, at best. I was on another blog today, and that particular blogger, who is another military wife from the Brigade, is taking time away from her blog. I don't want to do that here, it's a nice quiet way to talk to my friends. I find getting on the phone too much some days, it's easier to keyboard. Besides, I have to talk at work a lot, and when I get home, it's sometimes a bit much.

A little peace and quiet. That's hard to come by! the long commute is noisy, downtown is constant noise... and the dog is so nuts right now, chases the cat and really does need a good long walk! but it's too cold, icy and dark when I get home! my dear neighbour is not going to be working outside the home for a while, so she can let the monster out during the day and play some B-A-L-L (we don't say the word...) that could calm her down.

Well, friends, I may not get on as often, unless a lot happens in the next little while. And I am hoping it doesn't. As I always tell the Chief, quiet is good.



Susan said...

Oh hon, I'm sorry. Do what you've got to do.

Boschka said...

I'm with Susan, do what you need to do ducks...I'm still chanting for you when needed.


mismysailor said...

You can't stop now...I was looking forward to your take on the democratic party candidates. Seems like everyone I know is a Republican but worse than that a Bush Republican so it's nice to know another milspouse that's liberal but I understand. Sometimes quiet is the best sound in the world.