Tuesday, April 29, 2008

rain rain rain

I kinda hope the drought is officially over. Because I am starting to wonder if we need a boat. Sunday, it drizzled and then poured. Monday... ditto.

BUT on the good side - whilst waiting for DH to get ferried back from the finishing line of the GW Parkway 10 miler, I spied an ESTATE SALE. Now, I was waiting for him in a rather nice older neighbourhood outside DC... So I went in, and there it was. A black formal gown, very simple but beautifully cut, with the tags still on [Nordstroms.. formal room...]! and the lovely couple doing the sale said - sure go ahead, try it on - and it fits. like a glove. A little low in the front for me, DH likes it.. but it needs to be shortened as soon as I find the right shoes. and only $30!! So. now I hunt for low heeled fancy shoes. HOWEVER, we still don't know anyone else going to the Army Ball, and I hate going by ourselves, lots more fun with a table full of folks ya know.

Then the nurseries.. and I held back. got some lovely stuff, but the 6 large bags of potting soil made DH a weeeee bit crabby. Now, if it would warm up and stop blowing long enough for me to fill the balcony boxes and pots, it would be great. Still need a few more little things to fill a stacked pot, but then.. it will look nice.

I was showing a co worker our house, which is back on the MLS. They have 360 views of it - including my lovely big kitchen, with the acres of counter space, the monster pantry, and I wanted to just cry. ah well, the adventure will continue. Just wish someone would buy the blasted thing!

Onwards and upwards. a new day, maybe the boss will have his head out of his 4th POC... doubt it. and maybe the sun will peep out. on the good side - Yoga class and FRG meeting tonight - Pizza night!

Y'all take care. Profundities lacking again... maybe later in the week.



Ann M. said...

score on the dress! that's great!

Vypergirl said...

Oooh! I love finding deals like that!! My last dining in gown I got for $25 down in Potomac Mills!

About the Marine Corps Marathon, do you know how long the regisration will be open? My friend and I ended up being a day late for the Army 10 miler. Also is the fee the same as the marathon or is it a reduces amount? I couldn't locate anything on the 10 and since the registration isn't open yet, I can't seem to find what I am looking for.

liberal army wife said...

I am told the registration opens today, 4/30. I'm not sure about $. I'll be registering today. let's see if we can get some of us together to do it for a cause... Soldier's Angels? or Sew Much Comfort? or something?


liberal army wife said...

NO NO NO... the Marathon registration opens today. the 10 K opens in JUNE!! so let's see if a bunch of us could get together and walk for a charity???