Sunday, May 04, 2008

Nope- no profound thoughts again

The sun is out. and it's a lovely day. The balcony boxes are looking good, need to buy a few more plants for another planting stacker.. more herbs I think.

The FRG meeting was a bit disappointing. No - not the pizza. the fact that 25 people responded that they were coming.. and only the same old 11 or so (and most of them, the uniformed members/SGM - unit leaders) actually did. Folks - if you want a good FRG, you gotta, GOTTA, take part!!!!!!! Apathy is our greatest enemy here.

DH was out of town for a while, got back Saturday. Mandatory fun picnic today - we'll ride the bike down and hang out for a little while, but have a lot of stuff to do as well. The unit didn't ask for anyone to help, it's all being catered, which is a let down as well. wouldn't it be more fun to have some of the guys flipping the burgers, pot luck on the sides and good desserts from others? a bit more of a get together.... ah well.



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Whennrome said...

wow that's not sounding much like the military community we know... catering a picnic? Everyone loves a pot luck!