Friday, May 09, 2008

Grandbaby is here

My family is in town, my folks from Fla. my son, DIL and the sweetest grandbaby in the world are here. I won't go into how perfect she is now.. just to let you know I may not be on much until Wednesday.

OH - CANNOT forget. Butterfly Wife is a happy lady right now, Jack Bauer is home. welcome home, Sir. and Wife Unit - hope he and Gassy Gussy are happy and well.



wifeunit said...

YEAH! I know you have been looking forward to seeing your grandbaby! I hope your cat is taking it well :o)

Gassy Gus is doing really well. Seadaddy gets lots of smiles. I don't know who is happier about it, me or him.

Hopefully the rain stops sometime soon though . . . enough is enough!

Ann M. said...

Have fun with your family!