Sunday, May 18, 2008

GI Film Festival

um... what to say here.... they really need to advertise it more! not many folks there. had fun at the MilBlogging forum seeing Miss Andi and Joan D'arc and Maj. Z... who had a great long chit chat with DH.

Attendance was awful. not many folks there at all, most of them the film folk - most of whom were there, of course, to sell their movie/idea. Capt Dale Dye was there, with entourage... it was a pleasant way to spend a weekend.

We did get some work done on the Parent's Page. It's not perfect, or any where near done, but we'll get there.

so, another weekend shot. Laundry is presently going round, and the workweek looms. Next weekend - Rolling Thunder (which is why I ordered a seat for the motorcycle, for some extra padding).



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Vypergirl said...

Woohoo Rolling Thunder! We will be there as well! Just look for a Candy Apple Red Fatboy with a black sidecar!! We are going to try to get there earlier this year so we can go sooner! We were in the middle last year, but it was so much fun! We packed a cooler in the sidecar and hung out :) Do you ride with a particular group?