Friday, May 30, 2008

Memorial day again

another view of Memorial Day. Thoughtfully written from the heart. For some of my more Republican friends - you might not like part of it...



Whennrome said...

I love it, I absolutely love it. You know, I saw something similar written by an almost painfully conservative blogger. She at least argued about spending on the war, and education. Funny how we all can argue the same thing and it still come out as attacking the other side.

I am pretty much backing off on reading some of these blogs now though. So much liberal bashing, then complaining about how polarized the US is now. I am this close *fingers tight together* from just posting something entitled "I will call all of you conservative facists just so you can get a taste of your own medicine". Ignorance and close mindedness is abound and rampant in the blogosphere.

jb said...

He sounds like a grumpy old man. He wants us to sit around silently and read a book to honor the dead? I like an art museum as much as the next guy, but Garrison "Hey you kids! Get off my lawn!" Keillor seems to be, sadly, reinforcing old sterotypes of what the right and the left look and act like.
Too bad. I thought more of him.