Thursday, May 29, 2008

A liberal - but Garrison IS a jackass

Garrison Keillor is a true jackass. His recent opinion piece on Rolling Thunder is twaddle. Absolute twaddle!

First - most of those people (of which I am proud to say I was one!) are either veterans, families of veterans or presently serving. They are NOT " grown men playing soldier, making a great hullaballoo without exposing themselves to danger, other than getting drunk and falling off a bike." They exposed themselves to danger - maybe he should have looked at those ugly vests and seen the patches - Brownwater Navy - 1st Armored - VietNam - KheSanh - OIF - Afghanistan - Desert Storm. There were memorial tags - riding for a dead friend, a missing brother, a buried son.

Second - Rolling Thunder ended at the Memorials. The ones that he just caaaaaaaaaaaahnt be bothered with. Where those balding, ponytailed fat men cried, where the Wall was smothered in cards, medals and wedding rings, flowers, teddy bears and children's pictures.

Third - the WW2 memorial, the "bland insult" was designed by veterans, in the style that the veterans of that time understood and revered. How do I know? I asked my dad, the WW2 vet.

If he wanted to go to the National Gallery and trail his fingers in the lake with Cassat's lady - fine. But don't you DARE insult men and women honoring THEIR dead.

I am, as my blog states - a Liberal. and I LOVED MPR - we used to listen to Prairie Home Companion - although it gets a little old sometimes. This idiotic, St. Paul Uber Liberal Elitist crap is NOT a liberal speaking. Just a nasty little man, who believes his own press clippings.

Just wondering, would he say the same thing to the Patriot Guard Riders... If he does, he better run reeeeeeely fast. I know a couple of General Officers who'd love a chance at him.



kimba said...

WOW. Not very nice, to say the least. What in the world possessed him? He knows nothing about the people he's criticizing, other than the fact that they're on loud bikes. I am most disappointed.

But, I DO wish the Harley guys down the street from me would do whatever it takes to quiet their engines down - they set off car alarms as they go by our house. It's deafening. Maybe I just don't get it. ;-)

wifeunit said...

what a schmuckatelly.

I didn't go but between you and afw, I feel I need to head there next year.

Anonymous said...

Nasty little man indeed.

Sarah said...

I saw Lileks wrote about this today, and I remembered your post and thought you might like to read it:

liberal army wife said...

I met James years ago at a wedding, his wife and I worked at the same law office. I sent him an email, but I rather doubt I'll hear from him. Here's what I wrote to him:

Memorial Day I was riding behind my Active Duty Husband in Rolling Thunder. (no, not a Harley, it's a Yamaha Silverado) Garrison's twaddle, his uber elitist view, has annoyed/angered/pissed off a lot of us. I am, to my sometime cost, a Liberal. My fellow bloggers are really enjoying my squirming - but it had to be said - the man is an IDIOT! The man needed to follow those "balding men" to the Wall, where they wept, where they remembered the men they rode for. MOST of us were either veterans, Active Duty, or family members who are riding for a reason. They saw danger - their leathers (which he also disparaged) are covered in patches like - KheSanh, VietNam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Desert Storm - they earned them. what could Garrison wear?

The Patriot Guard - those who ride escort for every Iraq or Afghanistan funeral, were there too. Maybe Garrison should have gone to one of the 9 funerals I attended in 2006-7, of Minnesota Guardsmen. Those men and women stood outside every church or hall - flags flying. In February - at the St. Paul Cathedral. For a full Catholic Funeral Mass - they stood outside. Phelps' slimey followers didn't show (too cold, I guess ) but they stood. And they revved those bikes and took that soldier to the cemetary and stood - in the cold.

Those are the people Garrison dismissed. I've never been so ashamed of a liberal in my life.

Vypergirl said...

Wow! I am wondering if they turned off the comments on that?

I am brought back to the emotions that I used to feel when I would listen to a speech John Kerry was giving while he was campaigning. That emotion was fear, true fear! I do not always feel that way when listening to a liberal, but those two just brought nothing but fear to my heart.

Bette said...

I glanced at his latest column yesterday, hoping that he'd address the uproar, or at the very least admit that he had his facts wrong (the man's entitled to his misguided opinion, after all). Nope. Disappointing, but not surprising.

Erin said...

Oh trust me girl, we got wind of this thing at PGR and many of us wrote letters.

That man is truly ignorant.

Kristen said...

G.K. is kind of a jackass.