Saturday, July 01, 2006

Never..... lasted a week

This young man was 19. He wasn’t a football hero, or a super student. Just a regular kid, from what we read. But his sister’s kids loved their candy man uncle, who slipped them candy when mom wasn’t looking. He died yesterday in the heat of Iraq, far away from the green of Willmar MN. He wasn’t alone, his friends were there. As I said, the National Guard goes in convoy with their relatives, their friends, their co-workers.

So when you watch the parade go down the street, when you oooh at the “rocket’s red glare” and wipe the Barbeque sauce off your chin, think about Kyle Miller for a second, take a minute to thank his mom and dad. Those of us who go to his funeral in the next couple of weeks will do so, and I’ll be proud to take them for you.



Anonymous said...

There is a new post on the most beautiful child in the known universe site. It is a good one

JennBee said...

Wow, just stumbled here. Due respects to the man above, although my post is a bit of a non-sequiteur. I am liberal army girlfriend (LAG?), and have felt so alienated in explaining our relationship to my liberal family, and my liberal ideals to most of his associates. I am happy to know there are other people as masochistic as I am. Would love to keep chatting.

liberal army wife said...

Hiya Jennbee... it's hard to explain love. are we masochistic? I dunno. You and I are liberal, they may not be. At home, we don't discuss politics much, we have lots more important things to talk about, like work, or the dog, or the kids, or the grandbaby, or where we want to get stationed, or friends.. some of his friend are secretly liberal, some are so right wing we are careful to NEVER discuss politics or religion or anything other than superficialities.. you get to learn who/what!

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