Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Life at the Office

It's been a hectic few days. We spent 6 days in Denver, seeing our wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, marvelous granddaughter who will be 3 in January (oh, yeah, her parents too....;-)) We discovered and enjoyed the Denver Children's Museum - this is a fantastic place for kids - all hands on, and watched her play with other kids, play with her daddy and find kitties in our ears during the physical she gave us in the "clinic" part of the museum. We went up into the mountains and had some fun in Idaho Springs, went to the Zoo (her favourite part? - the Carousel horsies/zebras) played at the park - and watched her boogie to Love Shack at the Crab shack restaurant. The waitstaff has to dance when that song comes on, and they really enjoyed her joining in too! Saying goodbye to her is just so hard!

We flew home, and I trotted off to work the next morning - to discover that the partnership was fracturing, one of the name partners has left, and for the last 3 days - partners and associates have either sent good bye messages, or just walked out without a word. I said goodbye to some friends - and I'll miss them terribly. It's not over yet, I don't think. Is my job secure? good question, one I have been asking and getting reassurances about - but this isn't my first time at a firm split - during the last one - I got my walking papers about 3 days afterwards... So we'll see. The partner I have worked for for almost a year - walked out without a word to me, after asking me to come see him in his office later in the day - went down there, he's gone... Anyone who has gone through one of these splits - nothing uglier.

I had the honour to be on a conference call with Mrs. Obama yesterday - we couldn't talk, just listen, but I appreciated her taking the time to thank the BlueStar Families for Obama for our work on the campaign. I, for one, am full of hope right now, hope that she will bring attention not only to the servicemembers, but to their families and their situations.

Well - off to work... let's see if there are empty boxes on my desk!



kimba said...

Bummer! I hope the job remains secure. This economy is scary.

The Mrs. said...

I hope that your job remains intact!

It sounds like your trip to see your granddaughter was fun, three is a great age. Though sometimes I'm not sure if mine will make it to four!