Saturday, November 15, 2008

So Far- So Good

There's been good and bad this week. Good - I'm still at the firm - in fact I've been writing a lot of memos about various cases I'm involved in, letters to clients have been shown to me for my approval (!! never had that happen before!) Bad - some good people left, and I'm still not sure the firm will have work for me next year after this one case is finished up.

Bad - went to Walter Reed and was told that a doctor can't help me with my migraines.. Good - I bumped into Chuck Z and spent a lovely half hour chatting with him - a lot of it about the good programmes that the Army is finally putting in place to help the families of the wounded warrior programme.

Bad - DH's lousy cold that really screwed up his plans for the long weekend he had. Bad - the firm didn't give us Veteran's Day off, and because of the vacation and the situation at the firm, I didn't take it off (as I usually do) Good - the cold is getting better!

Good - It's the end of a truly awful week at work. Good - I have heard from a few of my readers telling me to hold on, and that they care. Good - DH is here for another couple months. Good - my granddaughter is better from HER little cold. Good - The cat is healthy again and we are hoping for a good adoption fair this Sunday - (Tiger is just the sweetest cat, he's a foreclosure cat, and I am hoping his new parents will appear on Sunday!)

So all in all, the Good outweighs the Bad - and I'm sure this headache will go away soon. Y'all take care now!



The Mrs. said...

good luck with your migraines, I had those for a long time and they were awful, luckily after pregnancy I really havent had them anymore. I wish I had some tips but honestly, nothing but a dark room helps!

Have a great week!

loquita said...

I'm thinking I need to post with a bunch of "good" items too. Having a positive attitude is so important, and I'm not very good at it!

Here's hoping you have even more "goods" to add from this weekend, and for next week. :)