Sunday, November 16, 2008

Valour IT - Fundraising

Valour IT is a fantastic, superb, wonderful, amazing (yeah I like it) program - and I'm very honoured to be a member of the ARMY TEAM - although I have a soft spot for the Coasties too...

So - Get on it! DONATE.


Sara said...

Actually, I remember you telling me about a travel box before so among other personal items for 3-4 days, I packed 2 plates, forks, knives, good chopping knife, a pot and pan and 2 cups. I just forgot the corkscrew! I cannot believe that I, the wino, forgot a corkscrew. You live and learn, right?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I stumbled here, and I'm happy about it. Let's be blog friends.

I am another PLAW who gets alienated at the company picnics, stationed in Fort Polk in the bowels of the south and hating every minute. Lucky for me deployments are over and I'm waiting to just be a PLW. Hahah.



Shane said...

This is really a great program from an even better organization! The importance of technology cannot be understated, so this program is definitely critical.