Monday, September 08, 2008

Spouse Buzz Live

Holy Hanna - actually, she really wasn't that bad - Tropical Storm Hanna... We had a blast as always at SpouseBuzz Live. My DH came with me, since we then moved on to a family vacation (more about that on another post) He was so sweet, came to all the dinners and met my imaginary friends, even went and picked up the ParentsZone cards (I can't show them to you... I'm in a timeshare condo, with no scanner - horrors!) I liked what I saw of Virginia Beach and Norfolk, we even found a nice diner (he'll post about that on his blog Ditherings). Dinner with the SB gang and some spouses/kids - a very fun way to spend an evening. But one of these days we need to go to some little out of the way place, guys... somewhere NOT a chain restaurant! I know, with kids and some folks don't eat this, or that, or are allergic to something's hard.

Met some old friends - Huh? Well, I've blogged with them, but never physically said HI. and saw some old friends again. Every time I go to SBL, I'm both heartened and disappointed. Heartened by the support we give each other - disappointed that we still can't connect with everyone that needs our support, help, shoulder to cry on.

So, now I'm on vacation with my folks. and that's another post!


Peace for the mind, for the heart and for the spirit. Namaste



Brittany said...

its always nice to find other liberal army wives such as myself! I enjoy your blog ... and will be checking back frequently!!


wifeunit said...

PS - It was good to see you! Little Man sure liked you and especially your husband! That was fun to see.

She of the Sea said...

Hi LAW! It was great to meet you at SB Live. Hope to see you again soon!