Friday, September 19, 2008

Goin' to Vegas

Here I am... packing for Vegas - to be a panelist at MilBlog Expo. To say I'm nervous, is a mastery of understatement. I'm going to be surrounded by people who are REALLY big cheeses in the milblogging community, and most of them do not like people who think like me. So - think of me kindly, huh?

DH decided he didn't want to take two small roll on suitcases and one other carry on each. So I'm glad we are on Southwest Airlines - one checked bag won't cost us extra. and the clothes won't need so much pressing either. I'm taking some adult clothes, want to look nice and professional during the panel, ya know. I'm sure they are expecting some hippie in beads! (no, SB friends, I know you don't...) at the last Spouse Buzz Live, I was told by someone who reads my blog that I don't look like a liberal - she was imagining either a hippie with long gray hair and beads, or someone with multiple piercings and tattoos, wearing weird and wonderful stuff... For those of you who haven't seen me - I am accused of dressing like a fuddy duddy - slacks, shirt and conservative jacket. It's fun to skewer the incorrect assumptions, isn't it?

I'm pissed off - the headache study I was in, and in which I was just 7 days from having the procedure - has been canceled! Dammit! There might be another one I qualify for, the same type of device. We wanted to have all this done before DH left in January - but I don't think that is going to be possible. I may just have to go another route. Trying to get our friends at Tricare to cover something like this - well, I'm up for a battle.

time to hit the shower and get moving. I'll try to post from Vegas.



wifeunit said...

YEAH! You have fun and be you! I wish I could see you guys. I am glad so many people are gonna hear Melinda bring the funny!

Have fun and GOOD LUCK!!

potandkettle said...

Thanks for not calling me out on the Willie Nelson-esque look. :)

Safe travels and tell everyone hi!

Tsoniki said...

Have fun! I just realized about the MilBlog Conference at the same time as the BWE, but I can't go anyway since my DH is out of state for some training.

Just a Girl in a Port said... don't look like a liberal? That has tears in my eyes. Very funny! I wonder what party my looks would have me associated with.

So, I asked what you do as a panelist on my blog, but maybe I should ask here. What will you do? Be kind, I'm totally ignorant to this whole expo thing. :)

liberal army wife said...

Here's what the blurb about the panel I am on is about:

ilBlogging as a Community. A fascinating look at how deep and wide the reach of the Milblogging community has become. Through Milblogging, many programs providing comfort, support, aid and tangible benefits to the military community have been conceived, proving that Milblogging is about more than just writing. We’ll explore how milblogging gives a voice to supporters, parents and spouses of service members, and how that voice is effectively used to support an entire military community.

I'm representing ParentZone.


Sara said...

I get that "you don't look like a liberal" bs all the time. And I am right there with you about being around people who don't think like us. we are the minority in this community after all. Good luck!!

The Mrs. said...

So your not walking around in hemp clothes smoking on a peace pipe? I"M KIDDING! Really I am! : ) After all different views makes the world go round? What are people in certain parties supposed to look like? Should I go around riding an elephant?

Enjoy your trip to Vegas, the conference sounds interesting.

And tell your son to hang in there. Solidarity that we parents of toddlers are suffereing together. Your comment made me laugh and I'm writing up a post in my head about it. He is not alone.