Saturday, August 23, 2008

so much to say

That I don't really know where to start. On a personal level, all is good.

Gettysburg - we spent a great weekend up there - the hotel was literally on the battlefield, the restaurant sucked, but the bed was comfortable, you could open the windows, the weather cooperated, and I only got one migraine! We walked Pickett's Charge - they mow a large path from the Virginia monument to the stone wall.. that is a damned long walk, and it really brought home the incredible courage those men showed, taking that gentle slope into the storm of fire that was being aimed at them. The music from "Gettysburg" kept running through my head. LOVE that CD. (Thanks, sweetie, for getting it for me!)

Chatham House/Fredricksburg - another great day, battery fire (2 guns) and a group of infantry from New Jersey lead by a hysterically funny Sgt - who really brought home the trials and travails of a ground pounder during the War of Northern Aggression - whoops... the Virginia's coming out there... and I'm only one by marriage.

Migraines - one or two a week. I'm in a study now.. so there is some hope. I don't want to say too much about that here until we know more.

Work - the light at the end of the tunnel isn't the oncoming train anymore! yea. I have made headway on the files from hell, and I think I can start working on other stuff - whew. The boss seems happier since MIMI is gone - although we have found so much important crap hidden in her desk, you'd be amazed!

Politics - oh just shut up everyone! Yes, I'll be voting Democrat - but I'm done with it all. the negative ads, the BS online from both sides. Basta! The stupidity of those thinking Obama is some muslim terrorist in disguise, the ridiculous personal attacks... enough already. McCain isn't the second coming, nor is he the anti christ. I'm NOT going there.

Y'all take it easy.


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