Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I am NOT Spam!

On Friday - my blog was locked. From what I see, many Blogger sites were locked, accused of being "spam blogs". Seems they have algorithm problems with their automatic spam blogging systems.. Well - as an old friend used to say -- BITE ME! This just pissed me off. Of course, for a couple minutes, I wondered - another rightwing way to shut all the liberals off? nah, they aren't dumb enough to try that one, because we will always find another way to mouth off.

It also made me realize I need to back this up, keep those posts that meant something, or where I said something meaningful and did it in a halfway decent fashion.

So I'm back. I'll actually write something when I get a chance to NOT be mad and/or busy as hell.


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A Soldier's Wife..... said...

Yeah, I had all kinds of issues, even created a wordpress blog, but then once I imported it, I hated having to change things, so I thus deleted it after 3 or 4 hours of work....eh...I may still move it anyway....in the meantime, keep rockin on...... and that word SPAM...makes me think of just processed meat, blech! Maybe that is why they used it to begin with.