Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ins Hofbrau Haus...

We had a reunion! Actually, a unit at the FieldStation DH was stationed at "back in the day" in Germany, had a get together at a German (Bavarian) Restaurant in Maryland. His instructor from School (we are talking late 70s here, folks) was there... I heard a LOT of stories... whoooda thunk it... Painting the tank PINK? having chair races? His rep at work would suffer... he he.

Food was Bavarian/American (my chief quibble, the Rotkraut was waaaay too sweet. ) but the Bier was good, the company was marvelous and we even liked the accordion players, the Austrian woman yodelled really well and of course we sang along where we could... all in all a great time.

A welcome change from work. This week has been a nightmare. I took over a file - with 20 some plaintiffs, from a young "paralegal" (with NO training, just a smart pre law student making some $ before law school) who took it over from another one just like him. Oh. My. God. what a freakin' disaster. File integrity (all documents for one person in one file)? Nah, a piece here, a piece there... and finding interesting records in boxes labeled - miscellaneous.... nothing kept in the separate folders in the document management system - all in "unopened cases" Correspondence... I'm spending a lot of time - in fact until Friday afternoon ALL of my week- just finding/sorting/making folders - making some sort of order from chaos. and finding more chaos because nothing was done properly, records haven't been requested... oh, it's just FUBAR. Majorly FUBAR!

On the good side - I have two divisions of the firm asking me to work for them, one side is actually demanding I stop doing what I'm doing for the other division - told the young associate doing a lousy imitation of a Top Kick (who thinks he's just soooooo wonderful and that his sh*t don't stink) that since the partner in charge gave his go ahead - think I'll just keep going.. he can confront the partner if he wants to.

Yoga is going great - had one of those yoga classes on Thursday that was so amazing, it all flowed, the relaxation/meditation at the end was refreshing... A great one. And the massage I had that afternoon after work - heaven. The back is starting to ease up, the migraines are still slamming me - two large ones last week needing drugs... a couple of little ones that eased off by themselves/coffee/stretching/meditating...

So, my dear blog friends, another week gone.. today is up in the air. I've brought some work home, I need to write a few posts for, but if the weather holds, we want to head for Occoquan for a historic festival - from the looks of the sky right now.. not so much!

Have a great week - I will try to post more often, but it will be mostly "that *($(&#$(* jackass... what MORON does THIS... (*(%$))(@*#)(*)@(*#$)(@#*). not so interesting..

Peace for the body, the mind and the spirit - Namaste.



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Hi Sweetie! I know I haven't dropped you a note in a while, but I can't from work, but I am visiting. I just wanted to say "hey" and let you know I gave you an award. Check out my page!