Thursday, July 03, 2008

One Year

It's been a year since he got back to the States. One Year. we have been in the same zip code, except for a week or so, since he got home. and it's actually a little weird! I can hear it now.. LAW - how can it be weird to have your DH home?- Easy.. Be Army! We had two deployments, (one was 22 months) two schools, two overseas TDYs (that's what happens when you are AGR) So I got used to having the bed to myself, the TV remote to myself, eating what I wanted when I wanted (cereal for dinner is ok... right? Dairy, carbs...) That all adds up to about 8 months together, in little 2-4 week reunions, in FOUR years.

So this feels like an anniversary - last year we were in Minnesota, he called on my cell to let me know that he was going to be released from McCoy for the holiday (went back for 3 weeks to assist in the inprocessing of returning MN Guardsmen) A friend went down and picked up her DH and mine... our reunion was in the Starbucks Parking Lot... I've never had one of those big hug and kiss wave flags and scream reunion... and I am hoping (against reality) that I don't have to do that again.

So happy Independence Day to all, and Happy Anniversary sweetie!



CaliValleyGirl said...

LOL...when my hubs is on night shift I also eat cereal for dinner...;-)

Tammy Munson said...

Congrats LAW and Chief! And yes it is certainly OK to eat cereal for dinner! (at least in my house it is)

She of the Sea said...

Of course it is weird to spend an entire year together. What a wonderful treat! (Well, most of the time :)

jb said...

Nearly everyone is surprised when I tell them we live bicoastal, and that I shuttle from the West Coast (where my awesome job is) and the East Coast (where he is stationed) every two weeks. We feel like it's not a perfect situation, but we looked at our situation and made the best decisions we could in light of it. And we also know that if we can keep our relationship alive and healthy though this relatively minor inconvenience, we will be able to weather anything.