Thursday, January 07, 2010

Winter in DC - 365/Day5

The picture - a burst pipe on the second floor of the Springfield Metro station parking ramp. water/ice/frozen cars, this was my morning wake up yesterday. GOOD MORNING, it's DC, and it's COLD. It's been cold here, abnormally cold here. My folks in Florida are suffering from the cold - they aren't use to 20s! Oh, perfect, just turned on the news - snow in our forecast. This town doesn't do snow really well. Matter of fact, it's lousy at it!

This apartment is, I think, making me ill. If I'm here for a long time (about 8 hours will do it), I get the feeling I'm getting the flu, and the migraines are starting up again. Betcha it's mold again. So there's one reason to stay at work, and to go to the new place a lot. Mold is one reason I'm worried about some black stains on the carpet at the new place - reminds me, I must must must call the realtor again - but work has been INSANE.

Plans - in flux. Chief is closer to coming home, and then it's going to be crazy crazy for a few weeks while we move. work is getting intense, lots of projects due. sigh. wish they'd spread out a little! In the area of a good thing, I found out my department head really does have my back - which is a great feeling! Got so many political posts I want to write - but that'll have to wait.

Talk to you later, y'all!


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