Friday, January 08, 2010

Day Six - packing...

packing, packing... ugh. the apartment is filling up with boxes, with no where to put them. Poor Chief, when he gets back, it's gonna be "hi sweetie (kiss kiss) here's the tape, close that box, and hey, change outa those ACUs, put the painting clothes on, let's go!"

I've been waiting for a call from him for 3 days, since he doesn't have computer access anymore... and when does he call? when I'm in the elevator with no coverage! arrgh. but this time, he did call back. All is well. going smoothly. Yeah, the whole "don't say anything, OPSEC stuff" does get old, doesn't it?

Went to the new place last night, to pull off the really gross contak paper lining in the drawers and bottom shelf of the cabs. and look what was waiting at the front door. Yeah! getting closer... Forgot the GooGone, and scissors to cut the new shelf liner, but will do that tonight. taking some of the cookie sheets, and small appliances over tonight. This weekend is going to be sooooo busy.

We have a dusting of snow here, and schools are late/closing. jeez. talked to some folks in Wisconsin yesterday, Blizzard is Howling and they are still carrying on. I'm just so so so glad I'm not in Minnesota this winter. The last time we had a really snowy winter, I think I spent more time shoveling, digging out, and trying to keep a wood burner going, than I did anything else. not fun.

So, y'all, have a good Friday. Don't forget, wear red today!


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