Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year, Y'all

Thought I'd put the Southern in here too. So, my dear readers, 2010 is here. It's gotta be better than last year! For one thing, Chief is fixin' to get ready to get moving soon, and moving the right way this time. Yeah! More good news, we rented the new townhouse.

I'm thinking of doing Project 365 - a picture a day. Here's my first. The new place, the kitchen. YES, a wall oven/electric for baking, a JennAire gas range, lots of prep space and storage. Whoo hoo!

The family front: Son's Father in Law lost his long battle with cancer, this was a very sad holiday season for them. Our Granddaughter, who will be turning 4 next week, is doing well in preschool, after the usual learning how to play well with others lessons - oh and yes, she IS the cutest child on the planet, in case you had forgotten. Son is studying a lot, studying hard and taking lots of online classes, and holding down a really great grade point average, even after taking Macro econ and maths, lots and lots of maths. ugh.

I'm going to try to start school myself, but with all the moving etc., it'll have to wait a couple months. But yes, my children, I need to get out of what I do now.

Time to go pack boxes. oh, I don't like moving... just DON'T like moving.


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dutchgirl said...

what a fantastic kitchen!! drool, drool. And I hope you'll enjoy doing a 365 project, I'll look forward to seeing your photos!