Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Tuesday = Kitties!

Tuesday - my night to clean cages at the shelter area in PetSmart. We have a great group of cats in right now, some are sweet, some are cranky, some are scared because they just moved in. We get our cats from the various high kill shelters in our area. We don't euthanize our cats, they are with us until they find their lap to sit on. We have them in centers, and in foster homes. So... I can't choose. Here are just a few of my buddies for my Day 4, including the young lady who is my helper.

My helper Shannon


Candice (the tortie teenager) and Daisy (her ginger mom)

Rose and Laurel, mom and daughter - Can you believe some jackass declawed these two? All FOUR paws.


Kayla said...

I just adopted a kitten from a shelter! And all of the wives up here were like ohh are you going to declaw it? I was like, um, NO! I would never do that to an animal you call part of your family. Ugh.

liberal army wife said...

When you tell people that declawing means amputating the first knuckle of the cat's paw, that it often leads to behaviour problems such as biting (cat has to defend itself in anyway it can and a cat bite is a hundred times worse than a scratch) and litter box problems (would YOU want to paw through gravel on amputated fingers?), it can change their mind. If it doesn't, then those women should be told - don't get a cat!

silver star said...

A woman that used to be our neighbor took in a cat that was declawed. It was outside one night and was attacked, luckily it only had a few sores, but even with our cat tearing up the furniture and hurting us, we're not going to declaw her. I bought some tape that supposed to help with that, but I don't know if it's working or not. It's better than the alternative, that's for sure!

liberal army wife said...

two sided tape on the furniture helps, cats HATE that feeling. and try this. get one of those plastic lemons. pry the top off and get rid of the lemon juice and rinse it out well. then fill it with cold water and put the squirt top back on. don't lose the screwtop either. Carry it around in a pocket with you. when cat does something that she/he isn't supposed to, one fast squirt in the face - cats don't like water in the face, and it's sudden and abrupt and stops them in their tracks. get the cat claws clipped, if you can't do it yourself, get someone to hold kitty so you can, or take him/her to the groomer or the vet. the groomer usually charges 10 bucks or so to do that. Don't forget the scratching post! get one that is sisal rope, the carpet ones are kinda confusing to the cat (I can scratch carpet that is vertical, not horizontal??? huh?) Cats HAVE to scratch - even a declawed cat tries to, some cats like a post, some like a horizontal pad (the cardboard ones are cheap and easy)

hope that helps! thanks for not declawing her.


Anonymous said...

Hi, you don't know me but I actually adopted Laurel and Rose recently and they have been lovely additions to the family. Their former owner had a disorder which caused her to bleed profusely and she had them both 4-paw declawed after she got nicked by Rose's back claws. Both kitties were traumatized by it and Laurel still walks a little funny, like she's tipsy, because she has 6 toes and is all off balance now because of the damage done by the procedure. They will not let us touch their paws at all. Infuriating to see them trying to scratch themselves and wondering where their claws are in the process. I really think the owner should have found them a new home instead of subjecting them to this. But they are doing well despite it.

Anyway I came across your post when I was looking for their original adoption page and just wanted to update you on them. They are the sweetest girls and have found their forever home.

Take care,

liberal army wife said...

I am so so SO happy to hear that the girls are doing well and that their new cat parent is an amazing lady! I hope your story about the trauma that has effected the cats makes a difference. Thanks for taking the girls in.