Sunday, January 03, 2010

deployment gremlins - struck again.

what an incredible start to the New Year. First, went to the new place and checked on the water and water heater (they turned on the water on Friday, wanted to give the tank time to fill and I was packing yesterday) then went to PetSmart and we adopted 4 of our cats out, with another doing a Foster to Own. Just so cool! The silly people who decided to try to pull an attitude with me - I brushed off.

Got home exhausted. Decided to go to bed early - went in the bathroom - and the Gremlin of this Deployment smacked me upside the head. Water ... coming out of the electric socket in there... Water + electric = a very bad evening. The GFI did pop (and the automatic litter box isn't working in the other bathroom as a result) but I'm waiting for the emergency guy... for over two hours now. close to midnight, and I'm beat.

I just knew the gremlins were NOT done with me yet. jeez

so - 365 Day Two

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