Saturday, January 09, 2010

Again - with the packing...

It's got to be some kind of osmosis or thought transference. The man ONLY calls when I'm in the elevator or somewhere else that TMobile doesn't get coverage in my building!!! sigh. Today - I'm home or at the new place - get great coverage there. hopefully he'll call again.

Spent a fascinating evening at Home Depot, getting paint samples. Now, to understand why I actually enjoy the Orange Box, you need to know that I used to work for them, as a kitchen designer. When we were building the house in MN, when we were planning it, we spent more time in HD than anywhere else on weekends! So I still love it (except the plumbing aisle, the one with the rough in plumbing connectors etc.) Restocking that aisle is a miserable experience. The Paint chips - do you KNOW how many shades of white/pale there are? and really - the names of the paint - SRSLY, Somber Stone? Cinnamon Sunset? hm. I'll be taking them over to the new place today, and hoping that the owner will help me pay for the paint in a couple of the rooms. Builders White - it's cold and not what we prefer to live in.

The Day 7 picture - this is how you bring home boxes from the office when you are riding the Metro. LOVE the IKEA bag, carries so much STUFF. It also is the reason for lots and lots of packing tape! the big IKEA sale is this weekend... but I'm staying away. I just cannot figure out everything we are going to need in the house! the Bed Bath 20% coupons - love them too!

Off to clean/pack/move etc... Talk to you tomorrow.

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