Sunday, January 31, 2010

moved in - sort of....

It's been a while, huh... we moved in. and life kinda went weird for a while. Work has sucked, and I'm not figuring it will improve. But - "it is what it is". The move itself - the movers were great - "Two Marines and a Truck" vet owned company that only hires vets. I Like that! it took a full day, and the boxes were everywhere. Chief has been on leave and took on the rest of the move. The cleaning crew did the apartment cleaning. We need some furniture, the desk for Chief and other office furniture, a love seat and chair for the den, a dining room table, a dresser.... but staying with the plan, getting the desk and office stuff soon, the rest isn't urgent.

The new bed arrived, very comfortable and big! unfortunately, as the days went on, the smell of mildew got very strong, we thought at first it was a comforter that had been bagged up, then maybe the new mattress pad. Washing didn't help. Then, we tried baking soda on the mattress and left it for a day - vacuumed... and nothing. It's only getting stronger. We are trying to get hold of the store, but that damned snowstorm yesterday shut the place down. Now I know why the cat hasn't been willing to sleep on the new bed. Last night we used the old one, that's in the spare room. Cat curled up where he always sleeps...

It snowed like crazy yesterday - they told us it would be a dusting... hah. And guess what - we never did buy a snow shovel! Hopefully we can get out and buy one today.

so - more boxes to unpack. Later!


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The Army Wife said...

Good luck getting out!! If you can't, then just enjoy being inside! :) Sucks about your mattress -- hopefully you can get a hold of the store and get a new one. Otherwise, glad the move went well and the unpacking is, you know ... going ;)