Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 14 - Back to the familiar

The Picture - to understand why I call it the familiar - we built our own house back in the Frozen Tundra - took us 18 months with working paying jobs and all that... so to see Chief with tools/level/on ladder - familiar!

went to work today - another 10 hour day... wish I could say it was worth it, but it wasn't. Not enjoying what I do, where I do it, and for whom. Does it make a difference in anyone's life? nope. It pays the mortgage on the aforesaid house. That's all.

Packers coming... no, not completely ready for them, since we ran out of boxes. so they'll be moving stuff, I'll be packing, cat will be in bathroom. he's stressing already, I can tell he's really upset, so it'll be a hard day for him today. Me, I just want this over.

have a safe and pleasant day... those of you in Massachusetts, my sympathies and my disappointment are boundless. What were you THINKING??????



Lemon Stand said...

LAW - you know I love you, right? I love reading your blog, your point of view and the way you present your opinion. But most of all your character and personality. I respect the hell out of you.

I live in MA. Voted for Brown. Can't wait to see all of Congress to either start listening to those who put them in office or start hunting for a job with the rest of the country. (Well you DID ask what I was thinking... That said... hope we're still friends) :o)

liberal army wife said...

I respect you too. LS. but.... I think, as Chief often says, we Democrats (that's me, we) can't seem to get out of our own way. We BLEW the 60 vote majority we had to get health care redone, so now we get to let the health insurance companies continue their unfettered greed. I am furious at the Democrats in Mass. who thought they could sit back and the coronation of the Democratic candidate would take place...