Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Well well well. The House of Representatives has decided that 2009 should be the Year of the Military Family. The actual Resolution talks about the sacrifices, the hardships of being in a military family, the deployments, the PCSs, THIS part really surprised me - that someone has figured this part out, who isn't military (but there IS a milspouse in the House, Rep. Giffords - would be interesting to know if she had a part in writing this!)

Whereas thousands of military family members have taken on
volunteer responsibilities to assist units and members of
the Armed Forces who have been deployed by supporting
family readiness groups, helping military spouses meet
the demands of a single parent during a deployment, or
providing a shoulder to cry on or the comfort of understanding;

OK, great - now they have recognized us. Now lets get to work DOING something. What do you think? What do you want to see?



E said...

I want to see more states offer Unemployment benefits to Milspouses who are forced to quit their jobs due to their spouses military move. I have this option for the first time as we get ready to move and I LOVE it!

Sarah said...

Well, I certainly don't want to see this:

liberal army wife said...

Me neither! How Shinseki (or whichever bean counter in the VA/OMB) came up with that one... I don't know! or maybe I do - he's the same one who decided the Army needed to wear Berets... dumb idea.


Julie said...

Giffords is my representative. I have been wondering about her since she was elected. I guess I am off to do some research about this. Sounds like a Parents Zone blog post.