Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pandering! I've been accused of Pandering!

Well... slap me silly, y'all, I'm a Panderer! I guess because I say what I think? or I talk about whatever the hell I want on my own blog?

. Does the phrase "pot - kettle" ring any bells? But hey, I'm just a milspouse, not an all knowing person, like the kettle.

*** I have to make something really really clear - the wonderful lady who blogs as Potandkettle - she's NOT the person I am talking about. No way. no how. ****



Tucker said...

Do I even want to know what happened? Sorry you are having to deal with all this ridiculousness. Just remeber who's got your back! (And you know that list is a long one, right?)

Anonymous said...

I love this. To pander traditionally means to pimp ...do you think "kettle" realizes he/she just insulted your readers too?

Anonymous said...

If you've ever been curious as to where my blog addy came from, it was from just that sort of thing. For those who may now wonder, I know you're not talking about me.

Keep on rolling with it, sister. I happen to enjoy your little piece of the internets.

Hope to see you in a couple of weeks.

liberal army wife said...

No way am I talking about you! Hang on, I'll make that clear in the post... I'm sorry, I never thought of that!


Michelle said...

well if you're pandering...are we all your....ho???


Love your blog. Love what you have to say. We don't get to hear enough of voices like yours.

Anonymous said...

Man, some people really give you a lot of grief for what your write. I happen to love your blog just the way it is too.

And the "kettles" that dont like can head elsewhere I guess.

Household6 said...

Well silly me I use the Fbomb as an adjective! Some people need to get a life.

*hug* thank you for your offer to help LAW with my mental spazzout - I indeed am doing better but am keeping an realistic eye on myself. If I start getting to nutty the doc is the first person I am going to see.

Now if I can only get the boneheads to fix my fence and this weather to behave long enough for them TO fix it!