Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I got this from a PAO at DOD.

"Writers Needed for Washington Times coverage of Military: Base News

The Washington Times will soon launch a community journalism Web site devoted to reporting all the news about the military and their families, from the perspective of those who are most familiar with the issues. We need volunteers to write both for our weekly coverage that will appear in the print edition of TWT and for the daily coverage on our Web site, BaseNews.com. Writers need simply to follow the guidelines and accept to write without monetary compensation. Our mission is to transform the way the American media portrays the military community. We need to hear from as many different sources within the community, in bases all across America and around the world. If you want to be a community journalist, contact Grace Vuoto: 2026363165 or gvuoto@washingtontimes.com."

I like the idea of educating the public/media about what/who we REALLY are! and for those who are overseas it would be a good fit... unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any $$$$$$$$ involved, but then most of us write for nada anyway!



(army)Wife said...

This sounds like an awesome opportunity! I think I might look into it. Journalism was my major, but I focused on Broadcast journalism. After grad I decided I prefered print, but I had no experience or portfolio or even training, so I was basically non-employable in the print area because broadcast has such a different writing style.

Sis B said...

Sent her an email yesterday and talked with her today on the phone. Sounds interesting and I'm going to give it a whirl!