Friday, March 27, 2009

And the nutjobs keep on rollin'

Michelle Bachman - the one who wanted members of Congress investigated for unamerican activities, and when confronted with the evidence of her saying it twice claimed it was an "urban myth" has done it again.


Now, the President said he would NOT sign on to a global currency... But hey, Michelle Bachmann - twinkie extraordinaire who hung on to GWBush at the State of the Union address like he was her long lost boytoy... knows better!

Then we have the poster child for whiny pain in the butt - garsh, golly gee, wink wink...

palins-prayer-remark-angers-former-staffers/ Supposedly, she couldn't find anyone who wanted to hold hands and pray. Well, dear Governor P, I think praying by yourself is perfectly satisfactory if you believe - however if you are trying to proclaim oooh ooooh look at me, I'm praying I guess that's not good enough, huh?

Hey - I have the best ticket I can hope for - Palin/Bachmann.... wheeee.

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Michelle said...

I'm glad they're on the other side. I really am.

The problem with Bachmann, and she's really more relevant at this point, is that she gets these ideas started, lets them fester among people who can't think for themselves, and next thing you know our inboxes are filled with urban myth emails "Obama wants us to use Rubles."

Palin, I think even the most staunch republicans are starting to have issues with her. She's a joke. She's always been a joke.