Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Talk about DUMB Ideas

I am still wondering who thought this one up. Some idiot bean counter in OMB or the VA thinks it would save money and just be so wonderful if we had Veterans get their healthcare paid for by their private insurance. Notwithstanding the following: that EVERY health insurance that I have ever seen has a very clear clause that says illness or injury resulting from military service is not covered; Or that it is just a slap in the face to every veteran; that this will add yet another level of bureaucracy, paperwork, adjuster/investigator to veterans and families already going through all sorts of hell. Who the hell has decided we need Blue Cross or Aetna or United Healthcare to add yet another layer of crap onto what the VA already shells out? I have a son and daughter in law who have been trying to get through to the VA and after sitting for hours on the phone... get nothing, no answers... So HIRE some more adjusters (I did see that they are hiring, but getting new hires through the disaster of a hiring system for the federal government will take months!) get some temps in - there are plenty of people looking for work. Get a few good paralegals in, some insurance adjusters, and get through the backlog. Think outside the box, but this plan to try to shift it onto the private insurers, who will simply throw it back after a few months.... Dumb Dumb Dumb.

DUMB! Stupid! I know that General Shinseki has served honourably, even though his edict that everyone in the Army wear a beret was a singularly boneheaded move. But THIS, General Shinseki, really really sucks. Re-think this one, please!



Anonymous said...

Whoot! A Prez who actually listens!

Sara said...

I think I know why they're short handed, do you know how long it takes to get a government job? My husband's in the Reserves and was trying to get a job w/the TSA, it took several months to get an interview and despite his high security clearance, he didn't get the job. Same thing w/his sister, she used to be an airborne ranger, has worked security jobs since her injury forced her out, and they wouldn't hire her as well. Maybe the government shouldn't be so choosy in who they hire.