Monday, March 12, 2007

Yes, Virginia, some one had some sense today

Lt Gen. Kiley is gone. Not just gone, but gone as in clean out your desk today, retire today, now, immediately, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, gone. He, I assume, will have 30 days to move out of that lovely home across the road from Building 18. Now, my children, if there was poetic justice, they'd make him move in there as temporary quarters! YES, that would be truly a righteous outcome.

Ah well, at least the man is outa there, and the Army. We don't need people like him, the old "circle the wagons, deny deny, blame someone else" type. This is something that has always made me angry, this need to pull up the drawbridge and NOT to admit that there is something wrong. Ok, now don't get me wrong. I wear those ARMY T shirts with great pride, I am incredibly proud of my husband and most of his troops (yes, there are oxygen thieves in the Army as there are everywhere) But sometimes I just want to scream at those who insist on saying "no, there's nothing wrong here, the media is slanted, you are all agin us" and stuff their heads up their 5th point of contact. NO. sometimes there really are things wrong. If we don't point them out, if we don't fix them, they just get worse. Don't you remember when you didn't 'fess up to your mom that something had broken, the punishment at the end was worse when she found out about it?

There are days my Army really pisses me off, and I wish my husband was doing anything else but this. And there are days they make so proud I want to cry.

I don't know how many civilians read this. I want you to understand a little how we feel. But sometimes I don't think you ever will, nor do you want to.



mismysailor said...

The sad part is knowing the gov't and the way they really work is knowing the other people that allowed this to happen will still keep their jobs and most of the American public will now go back to sleep cause someone whose name sounds like he is important enough for this to be all his fault has been closed back to Anna Nicole Smith or Britney Spears!

Cheeky said...

can I hear an AMEN!

AMorris said...

A MNV reads it and it is good. (moderate Navy vet)

Chuck said...

The 5th point of contact is your triceps/"push-up muscle". The point you're looking for is the 4th point of contact. In order: balls of feet, calf, thigh, buttocks, and the tricep.

But other than that, he's gone... good. Now he'll retire to a nice cushy job, full bennies for him and his family, a fat 3-star retirement check. Not exactly the "loss of all pay and allowances, and reduction to E-1" that he would've received at a courts-martial for blatant dereliction of duty and conduct unbecomming, but for now, it'll do.


AMorris said...

He'll probably find a desk at the AEI with the wankers from the PNAC.