Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spring! yup, it's sprung

I just heard the first harbinger of spring. No, not a bird, not a robin trilling or the bluebird, or the geese honking their way home. Nope. Around here the first harbinger is.... a Harley or even a herd of Harleys. There they were tooling down the highway, never thought I would be so happy to hear that sound.

The first load of laundry is hanging on the line, the windows are open, the dog is shedding like mad (I brushed a Pomeranian worth of hair off her yesterday) and the cat is kvetching at the window. Spring has sprung.

I haven't posted for a week, because I was having a little minor surgery. and DH got very very miffed (nicer than saying pissed) because I didn't tell him before I did it. I thought about it. This was not just a "wild hair" type of thing. They had a cancellation and instead of waiting for two weeks, I could get it done the next day. It was a very quick thing, I sat around for longer waiting and answering the same questions "when did you eat last"... "what meds do you take" over and over and over. The anaethesiologist was an Air Force Reservist.. and he made sure to keep me hydrated and made sure that he gave me something to head off the migraine I was sure I would get. No migraine. That was what I was dreading the most. Instead, I got a cold!

I honestly thought that he has enough to worry about, working those long hours and all the rest of it. But he didn't see it that way. so, I'm in the dog house right now.

Today I went to post office to mail a package to DH and to a guy in Afghanistan. The postal clerk has a daughter and a son in the reserves. So she starts talking about how awful it will be if Hillary gets in, "she'll just screw it all up". I'm usually very polite and nice, but I am SICK AND TIRED of being put into that little cubbyhole (right wing, conservative, republican, Bushie) So.... I snapped at her that ShrubBoy had screwed it up very well all by his little self, and that thanks to his latest great idea, I would be at the post office mailing for another 4+ months... Getting tagged with that "you are Army, so you MUST be right wing, republican etc" is making me crazy! She looked at me... I honestly thought she was going to burst into tears! Tough. Her kids are safe and sound here, one is AirForce Reserve and one is Navy Reserve.

Yesterday, it was the driveway guy... not ONE member of his family in the service, but boy, he was just gung ho. Amazing to me, those gung ho types never actually do anything.. lots of hot air but that's about it. But when I or one of those who think like me, say something like that, they just can't believe it... Well, I don't have to "prove my loyalty" to anyone any more. They don't like it, tough.

update: We just heard that we lost another soldier from the Guard. This hurts so much, since our units were supposed to be home this week. There were also 3 wounded in the same incident. Hold these families in your thoughts.



mismysailor said...

I'm at home cheering for you right now!! Can you hear the clapping and hooping and hollering from there! Do you feel any better after yelling?? If so I might have to try it!!!

liberal army wife said...

I didn't yell, I just said it firmly. and didn't care if the rest of the patrons in our teeny little Post office heard me or not. They did.... and they were silent!


port tampa said...

LAW-Followed you here from Jan's "Standing By Blog." I'm so glad you said something to her. I was an army brat, served 8 years on active duty myself, and DH just went over 26. I have always been way left of center, and he less so but still not a Republican.

People forget that service members and their families are exposed to all kinds of people, and thinking, all over the US and the world. I daresay our political opinions are not just as varied as those of the nation as a whole, they are more varied.

BTW, there is a very strong presumption that everyone in the military is Christian, or believes in some faith. While I appreciate the sentiment when people say they'll pray for DH, I am tempted to reply "Thanks for the thought but we're heathens." I think that might be a bridge too far.

Keep the faith.

Sis B said...

I had a different comment planned but now I've read your update and all I can do is hurt with you.

It's so wrong and unfair.

I'm so sorry.

I wish I could be there with you. There's not much I can say, as I am a heathen too and believe that praying does no good. My heart hurts with yours tonight.

Vox Populi said...

I'm proud of you. I'm very sorry for the loss in the unit. I'm proud to know that there are some VERY VERY normal people and heathen and praying folk in the world.
Whatever gets them through the day. Speaking their mind and being kind and firmly honest while doing so.


mismysailor said...

Sorry to hear about the loss in your unit!

Anonymous said...

I agree - the stereotypes we face, especially politically, are ridiculous. The one that bothers me the most personally is not so much political as it is that I am gung-ho patriotic. People are always giving me American flag knick-knacks and wall hangings and the such. Nothing against that if it's your decorating style, but it's not mine!
Extra good thoughts your way today, LAW.

Jan Wesner said...

That previous comment was me. Didn't mean to be anonymous.

Sis B said...

i don't remember what i was originally going to say. i've gotten better, though, at just straighout disagreeing with people. i think blogging has helped that a lot. i may not waste time debating the non-thinkers, but i rarely just sit and nod my head anymore. usually i am very matter-of-fact and unemotional, talking about it as if it's the weather. i get some shocked looks from that.

what's funny is that i come across people don't speak what's on their mind because they know i'm an army wife. the ones that don't support the war don't say a word for fear they will offend me or whatnot. sometimes i will work my views in to the conversation and can feel the sigh of relief as they relax and begin to express their own views.

i don't like people assuming what i think or believe. i think i was pretty clear about that in my post today. :)

mismysailor said...

I don't think I get labeled as conservative mostly cause my husband is in the Navy and I think when people think of sailors they think of the stereotype of chasing women in port, drinking, and side burns. The majority of Navy spouses I know are liberal but I've learned that's not the case across the board in the Military.

The political stuff doesn't bother me as much as the stereotypes of violence. I was once asked if I had a M-16 in the trunk. I answered yeah, they're standard issue thinking the question couldn't be serious but halfway thru the class I was called into the hallway where I found 8 police officers saying a call had come in that I had a weapon. When I told the officer the situation he openly laughed and told me he still needed to check the trunk and I needed to realize that in San Francisco they knew nothing about the military. I also got asked a lot out there if I was physically abused...WHAT??? I loved San Fran and would go back in a heart beat but they are so far removed from the Military that we were either asked really dumb things or our dinner was paid for when he was out and about in his uniform.

Sis B said...

oh yeah, and i thought he would be upset by your not telling him. it's a tough decision for you, i'm sure. i'm glad he didn't waste time worrying, though. :)

mismysailor: the army is definitely not a liberal institution. LAW and i are tiny minorities.

mismysailor said...

It's not unusual to see Anti Bush bumper stickers on base.

Sis B said...

NO friggin way! Seriously!?

mismysailor said...

Here's the kicker...I live in FL! We're out there but I think it's like you said people don't speak up in front of you because they assume you feel a certain way about the war and we don't speak up for fear of being labeled unpatriotic. By the way I checked out your blog..Congrats on your man coming home!