Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Orders... still no damned orders. I have heard 5 different stories, from 5 different people. Why do the powers that be think that they can keep treating us with this level of disdain. We keep hearing that they are supporting the troops and their families. Is this how they show their high regard for us? the frustration level here is high. I find myself sniping at DH, very short tempered with others... and I want off this hamster wheel. We are all exhausted, angry, sick at heart, frustrated and furious that we are being swept under the rug again. This "surge" has done a great deal of damage to us all, the National Guard, the Army in total, the families trying to survive back here. At a recent seminar, I was told by one woman that her husband is glad to be staying there to accomplish the mission. I fail to understand why any man would say that to his family, he'd rather be there than with them. DH said he'd like to meet the guy, no one he knows is saying anything like that. They are working 14 hour days, and are so tired. This is a bad month, they were supposed to begin leaving in the next couple of weeks. So the Governor goes over and makes speeches and gets his picture taken with them, helmet on!! whoopdeedoo.

It's been a bad day.


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Sis B said...

i hear ya. bitch to me if you like, i'm emailing my phone #.