Friday, March 09, 2007

Ta Daaaaah!

Orders............. are in! Well, in the system at any rate. This is a great relief to all of us. Planning for the BBQ they are having over in the Litterbox, actually two of them. One on each base that troops from our unit call home. Silly decorations, Rice Krispy treats and chocolate crispies are the favourite sweet treat, then we'll send some salty stuff too. Any of you have any ideas?

Not much else new, the snow is melting rapidly, all 30 inches! By Sunday all the sunny spots will be clear, and the mud will be everywhere. My dog, who is a real twit, hates mud. Finicky! and she's fun to watch when she picks her way across the gravel/mud driveway.

stay warm and dry.



Lemon Stand said...

I hear that spring was suppose to arrive this weekend. Bring on mud season...

Omar Cruz said...
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Dusty said...

Still no orders for us. Kiddo's ID's (& insurance, of course) will expire soon w/o new orders. crap. say a prayer.
Snow's finally melting here in Iowa as well...yeah!!

liberal army wife said...

Dusty, call MILPO at your Guard Bureau. Ours was very very helpful. YOU NEED TO MAKE NOISE!! It's the ONLY way to make them move their butts. No, don't just ask your Rear Det, go UP the chain. Waaaay up.


mismysailor said...

I don't understand why the Army is so a**backwards about orders, but then again it is the Army =). My hubby get to pick his own, he calls the detailer and tells him where he wants to go after looking at all the availiable orders for his rate..he's in the Navy.