Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's Pledge Week... Again

I truly truly hate pledge week. This is Public TV pledge week. a couple of weeks ago, it was Public Radio pledge week.

I just want to watch Lehrer! SHUT UP already about the wonderful radio gift and the mug and the DVDs.

We have had lovely warm weather for a few days, the snow is almost all gone (30 inches in a week) the mud is everywhere. As always, we have rivers overflowing and people in a small town being flooded out. But what amazes me, is that most of the people in that town... don't have flood insurance! excuse me, you live next to a river.. why do you NOT have flood insurance? These towns sprang up next to a river, and the only reason for the town being there, was because the river traffic stopped there. but you don't think it's going to flood??? the word "floodplain" is used for a reason, folks. I'll help people who also try to help themselves.

Have to say I'm a real downer this week. This is the week they were supposed to be leaving the litterbox. So I'm cranky, pissed off, and sad.



Anonymous said...

I have a BSc(Eng) in H20 Resources engineering and I shake my head at those that live on floodplains and the side of hills... too many courses in water and soils :) Not for me.

The farm is all mud with a little snow in the woods.

I'm feeling blah but the sun has been out... I'm procrastinating.. should go read and go to bed. Dh is gone to meetings - still.

Hopefully you will feel better tomorrow.


Sis B said...

as long as you're already cranky, pissed off and sad, check this out:

i'm beside myself about it.

michael in toronto said...

you are an amazingly strong woman, not afraid to tell the truth and honest to the core with your feelings. I have read the whole thing and I find I can't say what I want to say, stupid as that sounds. I can only imagine...

A friend from Canada

Bette said...

I hate pledge week too! What drives me nuts is that I give ahead of time and *still* have to listen to it. They should have a special fast-forward code for donors who want to skip the begging.

Cranky, pissed off, and sad sounds about par for the course, given what was supposed to be happening now. Hang in there.