Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Where DOES one begin? Dickie (gimme another Deferment)VEEP shoots a lawyer.. and for a while it was funny. I mean, lawyer jokes, texass hunting jokes, Cheney jokes, as my husband says "too easy"! but now it's serious. The poor man had a heart attack. But for some reason, the neo cons have decided it isn't anything that should be discussed, it's not important. The Imperial Presidency continues. Tomorrow's hearings with Chertoff could be very interesting as well. I am hoping to read something about the Veteran's Affairs Committee hearings from today. The VA is so overwhelmed, underfunded, and cannot keep up with all the new cases they are getting from this insane war. Rumblings of trying to make PTSD harder to file for and trying to say it was a Pre existing condition triggered by stress or something equally ridiculous make me nervous.

As for here at home. The "kids" are doing fine, may already be looking at buying a house! Son got a raise/new job at same company, which is great after less than a year. DiL is job hunting, may be thinking about doing home day care, which makes an awful lot of economic sense, if you think about it. The price of daycare is so high for a baby, that it may not make sense for her to go back to work at her previous job and get day care for Little Princess, and getting to stay home with LP and making some $$ at the same time, would be so wonderful. They are also thinking about and looking at going into the National Guard. I am nervous...scared...but understand why they would think about it. The $$ is decent, the training that son could get to change careers would be great, and they miss the Army stuff as well.... Not all of it, of course, but there are good things about being in the service. But Mom here is of course seeing the worst. What if they are deployed? What would happen to LP? Would they be deployed at the same time as husband? That would be truly f**king awful.

Getting quotes from carpenters/contractors for my basement and cupola work. One is a neighbour, but I'm not sure who I am going to have do it.

Job hunting also continues, one possibility is a Case Assistant job I will interview for some time this week. I took a Case Assistant job at this firm a year or so ago, only because I was taking a class at the time and needed some flexibility, and therefore accepted less $$. But now I don't need that flexibility and won't take less than I want. Sorry... ain't happening.

Continuing to make reservations for the South trip. I'd like to find another fun place, got us into a Plantation style B&B on the River Road for one night, maybe we'll try a casino type place another night. Husband just says: I drive the car, and we are "going thataway". And I really really want some decent down home barbeque, for a little roadside dive. The food up here in the midwest is truly awful. They seem to be scared of taste up here. Pepper is the "spice" of choice... erk.

Sorry, don't have new pictures, kids sent two camera's but my local Target's machine is out of commission until Thursday. Think I'll run down to another one and get them done tomorrow.

That's about it for me this time.... Talk to you later.

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