Friday, February 17, 2006

Another picture of the loveliest child in the world. She is, isn't she???

I got a real job! working at a plaintiff's firm, doing some real paralegal work, for LARGE litigation medical device mass tort stuff.. they came up with my $$. So I'm a happy camper. It's downtown, so it's back on the bus. I drive about 35 -40 minutes to the park and ride, then get on a bus for another 30 minutes or so. That's the fun part, that's my time. I get to read, crochet (cross stitching is NOT possible... too bumpy) and chat with fellow worker bees. I'll be back to walking the skyways for lunch (maybe I'll see about getting a YMCA membership) and I hope this will also help me stop eating... constantly!

And folks, IT'S COLD. MINUS 6 was our high. and that didn't count the windchill! that was about minus 20. One of my co-bloggers on BIO tells me he loves Minnesota.... hm... makes ya wonder, don't it? I can't wait to get outta here. Even the dog was not happy to be outside today. She loves to play outside, but we've cancelled BALL today. Tomorrow morning's windchills... - 50!!!! oy, gevalt.

If you have been following the saga, you'll know I disconnected the outside wood boiler and have been relying on the electric boiler to provide my heat. The electric company called today, to find out if everything was ok, was I using an electric space heater (well, in the bathroom yes...) but it seems my bill is quite a bit bigger. Well, yeah, I'm not on dual fuel, which really cut my bill by more than half, anymore, and the electric boiler is on duty full time. But I was really impressed with them calling me!

This means I have to start doing everything on weekends. grocery shopping on Sunday mornings, whilst everyone else is in church.. and then laundry and make some real dinners, so I can have left unders for during the week. My neighbour is going to be my dogsitter. Because of Lexi's medical problems, she can't wait for more than 7 hours without going outside to do what she has to do. I usually use the vet tech from my vet's office, but my neighbour could use the money, and she's nice and close. If I'm going to be late, or need to shop, I can ask her to do it again without worrying.

Another chapter starts. Wish me luck!

Talk to you later.


Boschka said...

Umm..Congrats I guess darlin....back to the salt mines of the legal beagles ? OMG ...yes the new Pix of my great niece are to die for..her parents are very lucky indeed. Your BIL is was 38 when we left the house this you know he played golf yesterday....

Mucho Love

Your SIL

nicole said...

Awww, isn't she PRECIOUS??? Congrats! :)

Catharine said...

Is this the most current? Oh, too be that relaxed....

She's pretty pickin' cute. For a really short person with no teeth or hair to speak of, I mean.