Saturday, February 25, 2006

Good week!!

Yeah, it was a good week. The new job is working out really well. I get to do what I am good at, without someone watching over my shoulder every second, and micromanaging. This group understands that I do know what I'm doing, I have been doing this stuff for a lot of years now.

Getting on the bus was interesting, seeing some of my prior aquaintances and renewing conversations was fun. It was so surprising how I got right back into the groove. The morning rush of getting the dog out/fed, making my lunch and finding the lunch bag, then a fast breakfast, get dressed (damn, having to wear hose and heels again, takes a lot more time than throwing on jeans!) and get out the door around 6:50. The cat was so pissed off, he decided to hide. I thought he had zipped out the door, so ran around outside until I realized I was going to be late on my first day. When I got home, he was still not responding to me. Then JJ decided to saunter up from the basement, demanding his dinner... stupid cat, just trying to drive me nuts.

Went to lunch with folks from the former firm. It was so good to see them all again. And then today went to lunch with my friends up here... and we really should have done what we keep threatening to do. One pie, 4 forks... Forget the balanced meal crap!

The Phelps slime have crawled up here to Minnesota. These pathetic excuses for human beings dare to picket the funeral of a young soldier, calling his mother names and spouting their bigoted rubbish to those coming to remember a fine young man. The only good side to this, is the appearance of some very brave and honourable men and women in the Patriot Guard, who go to the funerals to protect the families.

Been emailing with a news anchor on a local channel. His daughter graduated with Son. We've had some decent discussions, and last night his opinion piece was on the Phelps group. He equated them with the KKK. I think he got THAT right. Then of course, our neighbour to the west (So.Dak) decided to put women's choice to a vote... not a referendum, that would mean that everyone would have a say. No, the cowards decided that they had the stacked votes in their legislature and could take a woman's choice away from her, even if she had been raped or was a victim of incest. Sanctimonious assholes! Next thing to be outlawed.... well? what do you think? Some of these idiots have decided that birth control pills are a form of abortion... so that's next. These are the same jackasses who will vote FOR a war and FOR the death penalty. The only life they seem to care about is the unborn one. The born folks... nah... they don't need affordable health care, or decent food, or affordable housing... The rich need their tax rebates, don't forget!

Sorry, got on my soap box there.... but hey, it's MY blog! So I get to say what I want!!! HA!

Talk to you later.



nicole said...

Oh, and congrats on the new job going well too! :)

Boschka said...

Glad you had a good week least you didn't have your husband leave chocolate foil wrapped candy in his foul weather gear golf windbreaker thingy...Yup..I made your BIL clean out the interior of the dryer,,,,LMAO



mommy22ss said...

I like your soap box it's similar to mine! I'm an army wife too. DH is currently deployed. We are a lone breed (democrats in the military) but I'm finding more and more of them!

Glad your first day on the job went well. Take care.

Christie said...

Awesome about the job... UGH!!!!! about Phelps

Christie said...

It's time for another edition of the RFS Blog Awards, go to my blog and nominate your favorites

Jet said...

It feels so good to find yourself in a good fit at work. Hope it stays that way. I started a new job 6 months ago and it is the perfect job for me. Just lightens the load all the way around to enjoy your job.