Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pretty awesome

or as my friend Tucker says "awesomesauce". Rachel Maddow's show, with her last 9 minutes about Afghanistand, was just awesomesauce. Watching this on that evening, with Chief sitting there as well (and he's not a liberal, also not a conservative...he's just him) was ""different". We don't usually watch political shows together... the disagreements can get heated. But even he was impressed by this.

I loved this segment. Found it online, and still love it. Around minute 4, is when Rachel really gets going. Yes, I wanted to stand up and cheer, but the rest of the house is asleep! (as always, Blogger and YouTube don't seem to want to cooperate, so I can't imbed this, hit the link, sit back and enjoy)



Anonymous said...

I am just getting into Rachel and I really, really like her. I watch her show in the mornings here in Germany at 8am. It's the perfect start to my day. And in a GOOD way, I didn't know she was liberal at first. I just thought she was pretty damn smart. Which really, is pretty cool.

I try not to shout my political views, because I think they are pretty common sense, but I find myself liking liberal ideas before I know they are such. I kinda love that.

Tucker said...

Great, great, great find! Thank you LAW!

Chris said...


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liberal army wife said...

well, y'all, this won't be useful for me, since Chief is home for at least a while. so - any of you?